Pavilions [noun]

Definition of Pavilions:

domed building or tent

Synonyms of Pavilions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pavilions:


Sentence/Example of Pavilions:

In the centre of the camp rose the pavilion of the queen—a palace in itself.

Before the city a pavilion had been erected in which I drank the stirrup-cup.

Vivian was now invited to the pavilion, where refreshments were prepared.

Shall we look over into the Pool from the pavilion, or go down by the steps?

That was the spot, the pavilion was there at the end of a path.

At the time when her last child was born I advised her to stay at that pavilion.

This Vagualame, criminal proprietor of this pavilion, was the author of it!

That pavilion you see there beside us is the flower and fruit market.

This was situated in the left-hand corner of the pavilion, on the side of the Rue Rambuteau.

The pavilion was all bathed in sunlight, just as it had been in the fair spring-time.