Pawned [adjective]

Definition of Pawned:


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Sentence/Example of Pawned:

Thrice at a crisis I pawned my watch, and thrice I rallied and rescued it.

In half an hour my watch was pawned, and the affair concluded.

The volume had undoubtedly been stolen, and pawned by the thief.

He pawned a snake-shaped ring, and they identified this Walenn by it.

He sat up and groped for his watch, then remembered he had pawned it after the poker game.

Before, when she pawned them, her father was wealthy; and she was his favourite child.

I say she pawned them, but I never had definite proof of it.

She pawned them on these first two occasions I've described.

This man, he has pawned things before, these very same things.

He wouldn't, but said he'd placed a lot of pawned things with Pash, and I could have them.