Pay [noun]

Definition of Pay:

earnings from employment

Opposite/Antonyms of Pay:




Sentence/Example of Pay:

I have met a Mlle. Bines to whom I shall at once pay my addresses.

Often it happened that certain farmers could not pay their tax.

If it will make you feel more independent, you may pay for your meals.

And to attain it, we must be aware of its full meaning—and ready to pay its full price.

And he's promised to pay for the pinto, so that don't make him a crook.

They had best take care he did not pay them in their own coin.

It takes a lifetime, Mr. Vavasor, to learn where to pay our taxes.

He had nothing with which to pay rent; he had nowhere to move.

For the easing of his soul, he asked me to pay the money to you as I passed.'

They had reached at last the point of being unable to pay for their lodging.