Payable [adjective]

Definition of Payable:

to be paid

Synonyms of Payable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Payable:



Sentence/Example of Payable:

Endorse this cheque 'Jane Meredith' and make it payable to me personally.

This dividend was payable in capital stock and was equal to 30 per cent.

Them checks was payable to "Bearer," you remember, so I give 'em to him.

This work is sold to subscribers only, payable on delivery of each volume.

He knew that in that case he would not wish to pay the debt in the only way in which it would be payable.

It was his own demand note, payable to John Starkweather and endorsed by him to Mirabelle.

Sir Francis answered that debts won by dead men were not payable.

That the subscription be two shillings a term, payable in advance.

The tax was light, but payable in money, of which there was little or none.

When no place is specified the note is payable at the maker's place of business or at his residence.