Paying [verb]

Definition of Paying:

give money for goods, services

Opposite/Antonyms of Paying:

Sentence/Example of Paying:

Wasn't she paying too big a price for what was, after all, only material?

Nothing prevented him paying a friendly call to Mr Verloc, casually as it were.

"They are paying themselves for the mules and horses," said Fray Henriques with a shrug.

As for paying money for these small favours, who could tell?

She was paying minute attention to the lace insertion of her skirt.

"You'll have to prove there's gold in paying quantities here," he stated pompously.

Paying the last duties, he bent once more and closed Lorenzi's eyes.

He insisted on paying for our costumes, which was great extravagance for him.

I merely told her that you had offered me ten times the amount of money she is paying me.

During the second year the company, after paying a 15 per cent.