Payments [noun]

Definition of Payments:

fee; installment of fee

Opposite/Antonyms of Payments:




Sentence/Example of Payments:

This letter is an express from my lawyer; the house has closed its payments!

His first payments were made from the sale of wood cut in clearing the land.

These are sold at $8 per acre, the payments covering a period of seven years.

I made no other payments than these two,—eighty and two hundred and thirty.

Payments have been suspended, and provisions have become scarce and dear.

Most of the payments on the submersible had already been made.

That any payments due by them to the Public Treasury were to be condoned.

Palpable injustice, too, was imposed by the Government with respect to the payments.

The third meeting dealt with foreign investment and the balance of payments.

The rover blithely promised to pay him back in two monthly payments.