Peacemaking [adjective]

Definition of Peacemaking:

appeasing, peaceful

Synonyms of Peacemaking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peacemaking:

Sentence/Example of Peacemaking:

We heard of many more letters of defiance than of peacemaking and friendship.

The KLA stands to lose everything as a result of the latest bout of peacemaking.

And then Paul's voice crying, "Yes, we've had enough of peacemaking!"

"And I am sure we ought to be very glad," murmured Sue in her humble, peacemaking accents—but even she looked disconcerted.

Marjory was bitterly disappointed at the failure of her peacemaking mission, for she had set out almost certain of success.

This peacemaking occurred aboard the ship Coromandel, in the Waiheke Passage.

This, too, in spite of my having vexed her by introducing Mr. Lewes to her, which I did as a desirable bit of peacemaking.

"I never dreamed you were ashamed of them, sir," and Dorcas gave up the idea of peacemaking and became irritating.

One thing, Doug had expressed no elation at the peacemaking with the Double O.

The first crisis arose out of the peacemaking policy of the Pope.