Peach [adjective]

Definition of Peach:

pink, reddish in color

Synonyms of Peach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peach:

Sentence/Example of Peach:

He'll be all right, however; he's young, and healthy as a peach.

Where they trod it was as if peach pits were crushed beneath their feet.

Where peach and nectarine trees are managed with this paint, they are very rarely either hide-bound or attacked by insects.

Sweeten it, and add some peach water, or a few bitter almonds; let it boil up once, and put it into what forms you please.

Old apple and peach orchards are favorite places for Morels.

Now this Mrs. Armstrong here— Say, she's some peach, ain't she!

That Graham girl's a peach; all the fellers at the store's talkin' about her.

Raspberry, peach and apricot ice creams are made the same way.

Peach, apricot and blackberry soufles are made the same way.

This ground he cultivates and has a few apple, plum and peach trees in his yard.