Pealing [noun]

Definition of Pealing:

chime, clang

Synonyms of Pealing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pealing:

Sentence/Example of Pealing:

At that moment, to his excessive astonishment, the organ began to peal forth.

Sometimes all the bells which compose a peal tell their various uses.

A moment of stunned quiet had succeeded the peal of thunder.

Our eyes met, and Adelaide burst into a peal of harsh laughter.

Ned never forgot the peal of laughter which came from his parents.

It seemed to have spent itself in one flash of lightning and one peal of thunder.

Just then there came through the air a peal of happy laughter.

Then the church bells began to peal, and Csar made a prolonged A—hm!

From the distance the peal of the bell reached them faintly.

Suddenly a peal of laughter was heard, long, loud, and irresistible.