Pearl [noun]

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He compares it to little things, to a tiny seed, to a handful of leaven, to a pearl.

"Just about as much as I gave you that pearl pin," retorted Kirkwood hotly.

You shake it; it's the pearl stud there was last year—that's all.

Pearl Barley Water is made of an ounce of pearl barley, heated in half a pint of water over the fire in order to clean it.

Ourn was a shrewd rascal and nothing more nor less than a pearl poacher.

Father Dan rattled his pearl beads and moved his lips, but uttered no sound.

Knit one, again bring the silk forward, pearl one, and so repeat.

The next row you pearl two, knit two, pearl five, and so on to the end.

The fourth row you pearl three, knit one, and pearl six, alternately.

It is a rare phenomenon, such a sight of the Pearl at sixty miles off.