Pearly [adjective]

Definition of Pearly:


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Sentence/Example of Pearly:

Once more may our eyes be gladdened with the pearly, orient dew!

He gaped at her vague, pearly face, as if she had suggested some enormity.

Realism, as they call it, can never catch the boundaries of her pearly beauty.

Chestnut Street was gray with a dull, pearly, opaque twilight.

The loveliest idea came and sat on my chest in the pearly dawn!

It is the pearly gate that opens to the real paradise of fools.

Days like this I feel as if I was right inside the pearly gates.

She laid her cold, pearly hand on his forehead, and stood at his side.

She leaned against the edge, and I saw her eyes fill with pearly tears.

Her hair was soft and brown, and her cheeks were of a faint, pearly rosiness.