Peasants [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Peasants:

The principal patrons of this modest watering-place are the peasants.

Ere they reached the copse, the peasants had disappeared within it.

It was hard by the fountain, and the peasants suspended their operations to look at him.

Midas knew him as soon as the peasants had brought him to the king's palace.

Above all, mark the air with which he looks down upon the peasants beside him.

Peasants were greedy, narrow, unimaginative, lacking in public spirit.

If we are brutes and peasants, you owe us the benefit of your example, since you know more than we do.

It had sunk into the heavy slumber of weariness, the soundness of peasants' sleep.

One of the peasants was throwing the first shovelful of earth into the cavity.

At this all the peasants laughed in chorus till the very hills echoed.