Pebbly [adjective]

Definition of Pebbly:

rugged, stony

Synonyms of Pebbly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pebbly:

Sentence/Example of Pebbly:

The little pool in the pebbly river had stars in the bottom.

It was unruled, pure white, and of a texture which might be described as pebbly.

Every diamond, and rock, and pebbly beach is a mine of Beauty.

But Stephano lay beneath Wagner, who held him down on the pebbly bottom.

The children were not the only ones who had learned something at Pebbly Beach.

They waded in the pebbly bed of the brook for a long distance.

She set off at a run along the pebbly and winding margin of the brook.

Rising, he stroked his beard and resumed his walk, along the pebbly shore.

Cautiously we crept down the hill, which was steep, pebbly and without paths.

There might yet be diamonds in the pebbly sands of Richmond.