Peccary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Peccary:

It is there known as the “vaquira,” whence our word “peccary.”

But I had never yet killed a peccary; in fact, had never seen one.

Farther than to eat their fruit, the forest trees are of no use to the peccary.

The peccary, having its snout tied up, was unable to squeak.

On that raft was tied a bit of peccary meat, the only morsel of food he had in the world.

The mode in which the peccary forms its lair is very singular.

These are the haunts of the peccary, the red forest deer, and the jungle cat.

A pig's an obstinate critter at his best, an' a peccary's a pig at his worst!

It has been said that the Peccary is totally devoid of fear.

After the peccary was released we could not call the ship ours.