Peculiarities [noun]

Definition of Peculiarities:

characteristic; oddity

Synonyms of Peculiarities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peculiarities:

Sentence/Example of Peculiarities:

By the way, the seat which he occupied was another of Mr. Roberts' peculiarities.

As the play goes on we find Shakespeare's other peculiarities, or Hamlet's.

Allis gave Jockey Redpath the benefit of her knowledge of Lauzanne's peculiarities.

This is another of the peculiarities of aerial construction and navigation.

One of the peculiarities of this white cat is that it is apt to be deaf.

And this is the explanation of Socrates' peculiarities also.

To these peculiarities of words he has added a list of peculiar expressions and constructions.

Your husband is proud and he has peculiarities of temper which we have all to make allowances for.

Remarks: the peculiarities not brought out by the above outline.

But he knew the peculiarities of the climate too well to be alarmed.