Pecuniary [adjective]

Definition of Pecuniary:


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Sentence/Example of Pecuniary:

I assure you, my dear Sir, that you truly hurt me with your pecuniary parcel.

The corporation for pecuniary gain has neither body nor soul.

Its only aim is pecuniary gain, to which it subordinates all else.

It had better not be based on pecuniary obligations; these more often mar than make a friendship.

I suppose you know his pecuniary condition perfectly; has he money?

The cost no more entered into his calculations in a personal than a pecuniary sense.

Pecuniary assistance was therefore not to be had from him, and the sisters were penniless.

With them the mercenary and the pecuniary are ever distinct from the religious.

"Oh, I didn't mean any pecuniary recompense," he said, a little nettled.

But no pecuniary considerations lay at the bottom of his selection.