Pedantic [adjective]

Definition of Pedantic:

bookish, precise; showing off learning; bookish

Synonyms of Pedantic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pedantic:

Sentence/Example of Pedantic:

"The facts are as follows," replied Tibby, who had at times a pedantic lucidity.

Anything that savors of the pedantic is to be strictly avoided.

Suffice to say that Bach is pedantic when compared to Mozart, and Beethoven unbeautiful.

"He related to us his whole life," rejoined she, in a pedantic tone.

In his pedantic way he began to tell her the story of Jeanne, so far as he knew it.

Yet his voice when he spoke was the same dry, pedantic voice of old.

His object, he professed, was "to corrupt the pedantic city."

He encountered some of the most pedantic of them while residing at Lausanne and Geneva.

I have known this word more than once objected to as pedantic.

But it is evident on the whole, that he bore no good will to this pedantic novelty.