Pedantry [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pedantry:

Pedantry and affectation began to take the place of boldness and strength.

His classical attainments, if not florid, were liberal, and free from pedantry.

Our society is free from pedantry; and there—no damage can result where no one's the wiser.

Once our profession becomes all absorbing it hardens into pedantry.

When he writes of ships he does not tease us with the pedantry of technical terms.

They have to us an air of formality, a slight dash of pedantry.

Gossip preferable to pedantry, 63;seven centuries off, 92, 97.

Patriotism is suspected, and sometimes sinks almost to pedantry.

The dogmatism and pedantry upon which it is based are easily confuted.

Yet even his devotion to culture was not free from pedantry and dilettantism.