Pedants [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pedants:

You think yourself happy because you are wise, said a philosopher to a pedant.

But the license is actually got: the parson is provided: the pedant Brand is the man.

Any one who questions our triumphant progress is tabooed for a pedant.

He talks pleasantly, and nothing of a pedant, as I half dreaded he might be.

It has been well said of him that he never became either a pedant or a doctrinaire.

The pedant, cursed with the ambition to be a ruler of men, is a curious study.

It is hard for an Englishman to be a pedant; it is not easy for a German to be anything else.

Happily Julius was ceasing to be a pedant, even in matters ecclesiastical.

He would be only a pedant who would take nothing because he could not get everything at once.

That matters very little, except to a pedant and a rhetorician.