Peddle [verb]

Definition of Peddle:

sell door to door

Synonyms of Peddle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peddle:



Sentence/Example of Peddle:

I shouldnt like to see the man intoxicated, sir, said Peddle.

Peddle looked at the happy Phineas with the eyes of experience.

And Peddle, unaccustomed to the vernacular of the British Army, paled with horror.

I wonder if I shall be able to live up to Peddle, said Doggie.

About whats going to happen to you and Mrs. Peddle, dont worry a bit.

Should they be allowed to peddle beer or to sell it in single bottles?

Thinks he has got an heiress, and she turns out to peddle sarsaparilla.

She intended to peddle with laces and curtains and perfumery.

Did you think I looked heavenly when you used to peddle fish?

Tell her to look at the people in good standing who peddle dirt.