Peddlers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Peddlers:

But it was the face that startled the peddler—the face of Paul Ritson.

Pe ye a Yankee peddler, mit chewelry in your pack, to sheat the gals?

"Thank you kindly, ma'am, but I must be far on my road to-night," said the peddler.

So you're the boys that got the car away from the peddler, are ye?

What shall we do if he isn't to be seen and the peddler won't let us look inside?

The peddler picked up his pack, and the children their toys.

A peddler of heads too—perhaps the heads of his own brothers.

The first glimpse of the peddler's horse sent dismay to the rest of us.

The peddler's pack expanded to the proportion of a wagon-load.

"I should live; I'm losing money on the fish, lady," whined the peddler.