Peddling [verb]

Definition of Peddling:

sell door to door

Synonyms of Peddling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peddling:



Sentence/Example of Peddling:

To be sure, peddling in the good old days was most attractive.

I believe I had as much right to exaggerate in peddling as I had in writing verse.

I reminded him of his saying once, ‘Peddling is a healthy and profitable business.’

It looked like paltering and peddling, like sale and barter.

You forget that I am a peddling attorney myself, made so by your own wishes, monsieur.

He made his money in various ways, some of them not nearly so honest as peddling.

Peddling oranges in a push-cart is about the suitable graft for me.

Well, how do I know this nameless soap you're peddling is, well, any good?

What a nuisance are peddling, meddling, politicians of the lowest grade?

There was a week's work to do, and then the peddling to try, and that was something.