Pederasty [noun]

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We often meet with pederasty without a trace of inversion of the sexual appetite.

I asked him what he thought of the charge of pederasty brought against the bard.

The early Franciscan missionaries to California found the men who were used for pederasty dressed as women.

The relations that from eunuchism led to pederasty are very easy of explanation.

Hence the fear of over-population caused Aristotle to recommend to the men abstinence from their wives, and pederasty, instead.

As well be imagined, pederasty has a fine field in this town, where the passions are kept under lock and key.

Pederasty, ped′e-rast-i, n. unnatural commerce of males with males, esp.

Las Casas tells us that pederasty was tolerated because they believed that their gods practiced it.

It is very doubtful whether he was a Huguenot, and whenever in his works he refers to pederasty it is with strong disapproval.

It is in vain that a modern writer seeks to justify Sextus Empiricus and pederasty.