Pedestal [noun]

Definition of Pedestal:

support for something

Synonyms of Pedestal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pedestal:


Sentence/Example of Pedestal:

Some one wrote to me in trouble, ‘When you are not on your pedestal you are not interesting.’

Of course when they saw me I was not on my pedestal, I was in the pillory.

On a pedestal beneath the window was placed a marble bust of Dante.

The sky was all now—the earth only a background or pedestal for the heavens.

No ascetic monk, no curled cavalier, looks down from the pedestal.

She hastily arose and was about to step down from her pedestal when the door opened.

This shaft is placed on a pedestal which makes it in all some 115 feet in height.

The height of the statue, including the pedestal, was nearly forty feet.

In the preceding paragraph she did not seem to be on a pedestal.

There's a pedestal in the flower-garden where the Psyche stood.