Pedicle [noun]

Definition of Pedicle:

stem of plant

Synonyms of Pedicle:

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Sentence/Example of Pedicle:

In favourable cases the pedicle is now brought easily into view.

The pedicle can then be secured with a series of interlocking ligatures.

Its upper end exhibits a tendency to divide into two processes, corresponding with the pedicle and otic processes of the Amphibia.

A polyp is either cut off or its pedicle bound with a ligature, and it is allowed to shrivel.

Smooth Anatifa, as seen from the other side, the pedicle dry and contracted.

The chain is passed round the base or pedicle of the growth, and gradually tightened by a screw till the growth falls off.

The Myrmic have two knobs to the pedicle, by which the abdomen is attached to the thorax; the Poner only one.

It is impossible to frame absolute rules for ligaturing the pedicle.

Should the pedicle be thicker than the finger, the use of the wire craseur is advisable.

The loop of silk is cut so that two pieces of silk thread lie in the pedicle.