Pedigree [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Pedigree:

I remember such a one in Picardy, with a name as long as a Gascon's pedigree.

Otherwise why the pedigree, why the rigid castes, the isolation of women?

They boast of their master's pedigree and descent, as if they were related to him.

On his father's side a pedigree of three generations can be traced.

He had too profound a respect for his own pedigree to lay his sins at his great-grandfather's door.

Why, not even so much, for there IS a Herschell in my pedigree.

Shouldn't wonder if there'd been some class and pedigree to him sometime.'

If pedigree would do it, O'Shea may call himself first favorite!

"Perhaps I can shorten the pedigree," said Haggerstone, tartly.

Graves (James) on pedigree of Richard earl of Chepstow, 126.