Peeing [verb]

Definition of Peeing:

go to the bathroom

Synonyms of Peeing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peeing:


Sentence/Example of Peeing:

But as I was saying, if wed all been as fat as Pee Wee, wed never have got here at all.

She needed to pee, and apparently had done for some time, without realizing it.

Whyon the boat and on a trainseveral trains, until I got to Pee Dee.

An' Pee, seeing Tom put on his hat, and come towards the door, lifted the latch and entered.

I'm Pee Tregeer, and you can't think how I've been served out to-day.'

An' Pee, vexed to see his tricks on the tradespeople, went up to him and said, 'Tom!

The young sucklings, taking An' Pee for their dam, continued rooting round her with their snouts.

An' Pee declared that she never saw a smarter thresher in all her born days.

In a few days he knew that the ducklings were out, for he could hear their pee, pee, pee.

Pee Wee favored Billy with a glare that expressed his opinion of that lads frivolity.