Peek [verb]

Definition of Peek:


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Sentence/Example of Peek:

I should think you'd be ashamed to peek before the party was ready!

You can peek in at the door of the stall and see for yourself.

All the help that could get to a window to peek had knocked off work to do it.

Then he works his silk dicer up off'm his ears, and has a peek at that.

And I'd have little doors that would open up in the road and we'd peek out.

Toady's never seen what one looks like, so we're taking him along to get a peek at it.

The door was open a foot or two; so I steps up to take a peek at the main squeeze.

Next we sends Ferdie to take a peek down the companionway and report.

And as there's somethin' familiar about the voice I takes a peek over my shoulder.

I mean to peek in—might go in; no harm done in taking a look.