Peeking [verb]

Definition of Peeking:

sneak a look

Synonyms of Peeking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peeking:


Sentence/Example of Peeking:

Mebbe he's seen us peeking out and thinks it's time he sheered off?

We often see her peeking through a crack in the door when Janchu is naughty.

You go away and let me do the peeking and listening for you around these parts.

And before daylight half of the town was peeking in through the windows at us.

“That should cure us of peeking into windows,” Brad lectured Babe.

Had he, by any chance, seen him peeking in at the window, through the lilac-bushes?

And I've got my mind set on peeking through a first-class tube.

Now, who was that peeking at me around the corner of that bunk house?

In other words, you want to know why I was peeking into your window at this time of the day!

Therefore he listened, peeking around the doorway of his dark room.