Peeling [verb]

Definition of Peeling:

take off outer covering

Synonyms of Peeling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peeling:


Sentence/Example of Peeling:

Some of their necks and cheeks were peeling, as if from sunburn.

The thing were done as clean as peeling an apple, and as quiet.

The degree of this peeling also varies as well as its duration.

A good sharp knife will be required for peeling the skin from the neck.

His upturned face was swollen, red, peeling all over the nose and cheeks.

When the bark was ready for peeling he intended to take a hand with the rest.

The white paint was peeling off in huge scabs, and iron-rust was everywhere.

The bark is not checked in squares as on old pear-trees nor peeling as on cherries.

A little while later she found on the edge of the sidewalk the peeling of a banana.

Otherwise he would not be peeling vegetables for the cook of the Peveril.