Peelings [noun]

Definition of Peelings:

skin, covering

Synonyms of Peelings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peelings:

Sentence/Example of Peelings:

Peel the lemons as thin as possible and strain the jelly on the peelings.

Put on the peelings of the quinces and let them boil perfectly done.

The peelings of horse-chesnuts may be used for the same purpose.

As this makes only 2100 grams, this leaves 400 grams for the peelings.

Look ahead into the future, the time of the second saving of the peelings.

The peelings will supply as many fowls as there are persons at the dinner table.

Now there'll be peelings, and those she'll have to throw away.

Let 'em see you stuff the peelings in a drawer of your desk.

Mother had told Adelaide to save the peelings and cores of the quinces, and put in a saucepan with just enough water to cover.

I lit my fire, invariably with success, with peelings of birch bark that I had 90 sedulously collected during my walks.