Peeped [verb]

Definition of Peeped:

sneak a look

Synonyms of Peeped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peeped:


Sentence/Example of Peeped:

If they entered a house, he sat in the parlor; if they peeped into the kitchen, he was there.

Only then she peeped in at the amount, drawing the notes out for the purpose.

He shook and trembled with fear as he peeped at the loathsome creature.

They went to the closed gate, and peeped through into the court-yard. '

And now he just peeped in, to see if he could tempt me forth to play.

I happened to find the open bung-hole near my eye, and peeped out.

I peeped into the apartment to my right, and then into that on my left.

Over the dreariest marshes it peeped and into all our talk he came.

Charlie peeped warily, was trapped at it, and opened his eyes resignedly.

She sought her all about the house; peeped into all sorts of corners.