Peeper [noun]

Definition of Peeper:

private detective

Synonyms of Peeper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peeper:


Sentence/Example of Peeper:

"You bet I'll keep a peeper on him," he bragged, reaching for his hat.

You will not have much use of this peeper for a week or ten days to come.

Why, I've been longing for years to learn how peeper frogs peep.

Mrs. Spafford, a peeper through doors and keyholes, explained the schoolmarm's methods.

I went back to the peeper screen just as Joey buzzed my signal again.

She ran to the window, evidently startling the peeper quite as much as she had been startled herself.

A farmer going by told him it was only a "spring Peeper," whatever that was, "some kind of a critter in the water."

But Scott, of course, had even less in common with the peeper and botanizer on maidens' hearts than with the wildest romanticist.

He kept his eyes on the crosshair of the peeper, one hand over the timer button.

He quietly sidled up to the hole where a peeper's nose made a knot on the tent on the inside.