Peephole [noun]

Definition of Peephole:

hole to look through

Synonyms of Peephole:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peephole:

Sentence/Example of Peephole:

De Naarboveck tapped on the peephole made in the massive door.

I spied through a peephole but could see nothing of our foes.

I went to the front end of the cabin and put my eye to the peephole.

In the meantime, Peter was not off his guard at his peephole.

"Ah, she is too good to live," said Peter, looking out his peephole again.

Peter employed a new clerk, temporarily, and resumed his pipe and peephole.

I looked at him, through a peephole, on the day he came with you to visit my uncle!

In the middle of his supper, Jack got up and went to the peephole.

From time to time one of them would relieve his comrade at the peephole.

Then Toby fell rigid, and stared again through his peephole.