Peeps [noun]

Definition of Peeps:

sneaked look

Synonyms of Peeps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peeps:


Sentence/Example of Peeps:

We perforce took our peeps at nature from behind the barriers.

In your minds a memory lingers,And it peeps the bars between!

At last he goes to th' kettle, and lifts up the lid, and peeps in.

But this one peeps as if he was hurt; see how he pecks to get in.

You know it, Prudy, how it peeps out from a tangle of little tendrils?

Basil, who has come forward, peeps round the corner of the dormitory.

I gathered all this from the peeps I had through the periscope.

Patrice Egan peeps from behind, his rabbitface nibbling a quince leaf.

But the Frenchman peeps out under the panegyrist, after all.

Miss Lavinia peeps in, and tells me mysteriously that she will not be long.