Peered [verb]

Definition of Peered:

appear briefly

Synonyms of Peered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peered:


Sentence/Example of Peered:

No answer coming, he peered through the window, but saw no one.

Andrew peered into the grim face of the older man; there was not a flicker of a smile in it.

He raised the covering hand, and peered at the coin in the gathering gloom.

She peered out of the window, and then leant her head through the opening.

I walked straight to the gate through which she had entered and peered in.

He peered out cautiously a few times, then climbed to the top of his look-out.

He ducked and peered into her face again, and again his face sobered.

Adams lowered his newspaper to his knee and peered over his spectacles at her.

Then, pale and worn, he kept his deck, And peered through darkness.

Madden peered at her through his glasses with renewed scrutiny.