Peerless [adjective]

Definition of Peerless:

having no equal; superior

Opposite/Antonyms of Peerless:

Sentence/Example of Peerless:

The peerless Mabel, of course, was the only one not in the secret.

He determined at least once again to behold the peerless maiden.

No henchman he worthied by weapons, if witness his features, his peerless presence!

And I fear that such a one as that shall touch the heart of my peerless Valentina?

There may be a flaw in our diamonds, but our butter is peerless.

"She is a perpetual manifestation of a noble and peerless spirit," he broke in.

I was pleased at the slap, for it put me in mind of the peerless Belle.

But amongst the Immortals there was also a mother with children whom she counted as peerless.

The peerless beauty of Padua, the incomparable Ippolita, was gone.

He, Whiskey Dick, the solicited escort of these two beautiful and peerless girls!