Peers [noun]

Definition of Peers:

person who is another's equal

Synonyms of Peers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peers:

Sentence/Example of Peers:

Peers, Commons, and visitors filled the floor and galleries.

If the nation was determined it would not be baffled by the Peers.

Tories and Peers especially were enraged, and regarded themselves as baffled.

Is rhyme unnatural from the lips of their peers and paladins?

Your peers will probably be of the opinion that you display a commendable prudence.

They 'd be cabinet ministers, peers, ambassadors, colonial governors.

Three days after this the queen herself was brought to trial before the peers.

The number of peers of the realm in England at this time was fifty-three.

Great injustice is done us in the fact that we are not tried by a jury of our peers.

Why, he 's the patriarch of the peers, and she 's twenty-four!