Peeved [adjective]

Definition of Peeved:


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Sentence/Example of Peeved:

First off Stanley stiffens up like he was goin' to be peeved.

You ain't been to see her for almost a week, and she'll be gettin' peeved at you.

Sandy tried last year, but they dropped him to the Second and he got peeved and quit.

Mack was peeved because Betty liked Timand about the lunches and notes and shows.

She coaxed him to go back to the Journal, until he got peeved.

Somebody at the top is peeved because a train comes in late.

“Of course he was peeved when I made such a mess of things,” he thought.

"Keep your advice to yourself," said the monarch, in a peeved tone.

You are peeved, Margaret, 177 because of what she claimed I said of you and Retta.

"I'm the one who should be peeved," spoke up the girl with a wry smile.