Peevishness [noun]

Definition of Peevishness:

uncontrolled anger

Synonyms of Peevishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peevishness:


Sentence/Example of Peevishness:

His mind was palsied with his body; its utmost energy was peevishness.

He had lost his peevishness, and could hide his indifference to people and his interest in food.

Under no circumstances is peevishness or passion justifiable.

The lines of his mouth betrayed selfishness and peevishness.

His face was perhaps too much inflamed, and there was about him a look almost of peevishness.

The cause of her peevishness was a swarm of intensely active flies.

With the nervousness increased his peevishness and irritability.

We must not run from plain truth in peevishness or opposition to papists or any other men.

But this peevishness of the good man must somehow or other be tolerated by us.

"Yes, noise," answered the other with some peevishness in his accents.