Pegged [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Pegged:

After they had eaten, the Ranger handcuffed his prisoner and pegged him down loosely.

It was down-hill and up-hill and across and through; but we pegged along.

They let out a yell and closed in, and up the hill at one side I pegged.

Prices were pegged and farmers forced to pay taxes in produce.

The hide is pegged down on the ground, when it is covered with a kind of glue.

The old man groaned, and pegged away at the pie like a good one.

The sail was thrown over this, and pegged down at both sides.

And say, I wasn't mad when I pegged the box at you the other day.

You will then have two pegged clapboards for the front of the roof and two for the back.

Such areas have to be pegged, registered, and continuously worked.