Peignoir [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Peignoir:

So I had to put on her peignoir, and tidy her up, and arrange her hair just as I have done.

Her peignoir of beige, embroidered with red silk, was evidently of Parisian manufacture.

Besides, the peignoir weighs nothing; a feather, a puff of vapour.

Yes, but you will not care to go to the dining-room in your peignoir?

Ma'ame Plagie had been sitting beside the bed in her peignoir and slippers.

Then she scrambled into some clothes and a peignoir, and went straight to his bedside.

Had I a palette I could match the blue of the peignoir with the faint grey sky.

In response to his confusing summons, she stumbled to her peignoir and slipped it on.

Perhaps the most striking portion of the scenery was Helen's peignoir.

So she put on her slippers and peignoir and stole down-stairs.