Pelage [noun]

Definition of Pelage:

animal hair

Synonyms of Pelage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pelage:


Sentence/Example of Pelage:

There is a gradual change in the color of the pelage from north to south.

The pelage of juveniles is usually finer and softer than the pelage of adults.

On most of these mammals the pelage is the finest during November and December.

The winter pelage is brown in all specimens at most localities.

Specimens in the summer pelage are much to be desired from Fort Franklin.

Of the 21 specimens in winter pelage, 17 are white and four are brown.

The skin, in brown winter pelage, is stuffed and in good condition.

Of the 40 specimens seen in winter pelage, only one is white.

The skin is complete, fairly well made, and in summer pelage.

Pelage to be thick and glossy, whiskers white, and eyes a deep sea-green.