Pelf [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pelf:

The plaudits of the world sought not, but scorned its praise and pelf.

All the laurel and the glory of these seeds I sell for pelf.

He declared that these so-called developers came for pelf, not patriotism.

The pelf and the jewels will they revive his father who had fallen by his hand?

This brought him pelf, but, alas for his greed, the pelf came slowly.

He had sold their fathers for pelf, why not sell the sons also?

The pelf and trinkets that she had upon her Were not demanded.D.

The ruling passion of the age: worship of self and worship of pelf.

She cares for no "cause" but her own cause of ease and pelf.

Total Depravity: The greatest idea for the acquisition of power and pelf ever devised.