Pellicle [noun]

Definition of Pellicle:

skin, covering

Synonyms of Pellicle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pellicle:

Sentence/Example of Pellicle:

Milk so heated develops on its surface a pellicle or "skin."

Nuts are about average size for the species, of typical sweet flavor, and separate readily from the pellicle.

Broadview is vigorous, precocious, prolific, large with a pellicle too bitter for human consumption.

Pearl barley is the grain polished and rounded and deprived of husk and pellicle.

Having been thoroughly washed, I dissolve the pellicle in water by immersing the beaker containing it in the water bath.

Evaporate till a pellicle forms, then stir constantly, continuing the heat till the salt granulates.

This pellicle consists of shreds of dry gelatin containing the sensitive salts.

On the black, liquid honey a wrinkled pellicle is floating; and on this pellicle, motionless, is a yellow louse.

The pellicle in which the small bulbs are enclosed is rose-colored; and this is its principal distinguishing characteristic.

The pellicle which forms this pouch is so thin, and so transparent, that you can distinguish the eggs within it.