Pendants [noun]

Definition of Pendants:

precious stones, metals worn as decoration

Synonyms of Pendants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pendants:

Sentence/Example of Pendants:

Fancy, actual chains in granite, pendants from elephants' heads!

Then into the cavity he hurriedly thrust the broken rings and pendants.

Next come the Plume and Slit-ears, with their pendants of beads and other trinkets.

Theyre largely an affair, Im sure of it, of motors and pendants.

At the second gate, the warder stripped her; he took the pendants from her ears.

It has, likewise, seven pendants of gold and pear-shaped sapphires.

Three other pendants are in the form of whistles for wearing on the neck-chain.

Prior to 1806, Commodores appear to have kept their pendants flying in all circumstances.

The probability is that they did not wear any special ensigns or pendants.

In boats the latter were to have a red ball in the upper canton of their pendants.