Pending [adjective]

Definition of Pending:

about to happen

Synonyms of Pending:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pending:

Sentence/Example of Pending:

Shall we pray for a second Joshua, arresting the sun, pending deliberation?

The best plan would be to leave it there, pending a favourable moment.

The crisis was pending, and sooner than we expected it came.

I glanced at Joyce, and she at me, then both of us at Pending.

"Of course I'm there," she said; then pending another inspiration she was silent.

Pending the arrival of the uniforms the men had drilled in strange array.

His advices from London told him that a parliamentary crisis was pending.

A bill to enfranchise widows and spinsters was pending in Parliament.

They agreed to the terms and, pending their ratification, raised the siege of Chartres.

That is the pending break-up of the political solidarity of the South.