Pendulous [adjective]

Definition of Pendulous:


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Sentence/Example of Pendulous:

His nose was pendulous and his eyes were closely set, with too crafty a look for honesty.

It is readily distinguished by its flat horns and pendulous, hairy muzzle.

Pendulous: drooping: hanging free, attached to one end only.

Seeds compressed, pendulous, prolonged in a membranous wing.

This attention does not stop at the pendulous and loose prepuce.

As yet no pendulous cloud from whence it might come could be seen.

The spaniels with their pendulous ears are a black and a brown.

Ovary 2-celled, one including one pendulous ovate, the other devoid of any.

The barren catkins are pendulous, and are produced near the points of the shoots.

What am I bid for this pendulous planet that swings forever from the throne of the sun?