Penetrable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Penetrable:

Callum, flint to other considerations, was penetrable to superstition.

Actually, he had placed his soldiers in a most penetrable trap.

The one penetrable point in his ironclad nature had not been reached yet.

If it is nothing, nothing can have no quality; yet you tell me that it is penetrable and immense.

The lady had seen much of foreign life—had travelled in every penetrable country, and her wealth seemed as great as her beauty.

The skin is, in some parts, so thick and hard as scarcely to be penetrable by the sharpest sabre, or even by a musket-ball.

The thoughtless objection about the only penetrable points is, I hope, swept aside forever.

But this is not how you understand the matter: you mean accessible to the sting, in a word, penetrable.

Before calcination it is of a grey colour, is not penetrable by water, and takes a polish.

The penetrable gloom there, and the growing apprehension concerning the countess and Nevil, tore her to pieces.