Penetrant [adjective]

Definition of Penetrant:

stinging, harsh

Synonyms of Penetrant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penetrant:

Sentence/Example of Penetrant:

Then he raised his eyes from the water and swept the sky in a penetrant gaze.

"What he doesn't sell he buys," he cried in his nervous, penetrant tones.

With Mr. Tassers penetrant and suspicious gaze on him, he decided that it would be wise to avoid all seeming interest in Myron.

The dew lay heavy on the laurel leaves of the thickets, and the breeze was perfumed with the penetrant fragrance of many blossoms.

Sharp shoe-calks afford a means of infliction of penetrant wounds which may occasion open joint and infectious arthritis.

But this comparison is not satisfactory, because there is a penetrant metallic quality in the twang, impossible to describe.